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Allison Baxter

Executive Function: Coaching, Teaching, and Consulting

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What are Executive Functions and what can coaching do for you and your child?

A growing body of research suggests that executive functions are more important predictors of success in school and life than IQ. *

Executive functions, including organization, working memory, impulse and emotional control, flexible thinking, planning and other skills, emerge during early years but mature in adulthood. Although many children struggle with these skills, there are strategies to strengthen them and compensate for weaknesses.

The Seeing My Time® program requires a coach to have five weeks of training and an intense practicum. It focuses on helping adults and children, ages 12 and older, manage their time and improve their skills in the areas of self-regulation, planning, focusing, and flexible thinking. The course requires approximately six sessions to complete and comes with an interactive workbook.

*"Executive Functions are strong predictors for various life outcomes, such as academic attainment, socioeconomic status, and physical health (e.g., Eigsti et al., 2006; Blair and Razza, 2007; Moffitt et al., 2011).

I live in Oak Park, Illinois, with my husband, daughter and a grumpy dog.

I am a certified English, ESL, and Spanish teacher with 28 years experience in high schools working with diverse students. I currently teach English as a second language and health in Spanish and English. I am a certified Seeing My Time® course coach.

I recently wrote a course on Executive Functions for Illinois Public School Administrators that was approved by the Illinois Board of Education. I am currently teaching the course in DuPage County.

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The Seeing My Time Course for educators takes 11 hours of study and a six-session practicum with a student.  

Executive Function Coaching in your home

The course requires approximately six sessions to complete and comes with an interactive workbook. I teach in your home, so that you and your child can learn new strategies and growth mindset in the space you'll practice it.

Custom Webinar or In-person Interactive Courses on Executive Functions

I can present theories and strategies to scaffold executive functions for children and adults.

What are the Executive Functions?

Executive functions are processes mostly located in the prefrontal cortex of the brain that help us manage our lives. We need them to be productive, organize, plan, persist and reach goals. The brain matures backwards to forwards. The PFC is the last part of the brain to mature, not maturing in some people until their mid-to late-20's. Students can be taught compensatory strategies to "fill in the gaps" for those skills that are weak or not developed. The Seeing My Time Program® is a unique program to develop the executive function skills of time management, planning, and organization.

What can Seeing My Time do for your family?

Seeing My Time teaches research-based, concrete, visual strategies to:
  • Be able to visualize time and plan for a day, week and month and long-term
  • Organize complex projects and break them into smaller steps
  • Create systems for paper and digital files 
  • Be able to set short-term and long term goals, anticipate obstacles and overcome them

What do you teach in addition to the Seeing My Time curriculum?

I use Seeing My Time as the core program, but my research and teaching has led me to develop a broader range of strategies that I can tailor to your family's needs. I've also created a collection of "think sheets" and strategies for emotional regulation that can be used to help students with response inhibition.

How does the program work?

Each week, I will come to your home with a white board and my "EF bag of goodies." There's a specific lesson plan based on the Seeing My Time model with additional lessons based on your personal needs. I use the travelling white board to write an agenda and illustrate concepts since most people are visual learners. Each lesson is about an hour and uses the workbook that comes with the program.

Pricing per hour

  • Oak Park, Illinois, United States