What are Executive Functions and what can coaching do for you and your child?

A growing body of research suggests that executive functions are more important predictors of success in school and life than IQ. *

Executive functions, including organization, working memory, impulse and emotional control, flexible thinking, planning and other skills, emerge during early years but mature in adulthood. Although many children struggle with these skills, there are strategies to strengthen them and compensate for weaknesses.

The Seeing My Time® program requires a coach to have five weeks of training and an intense practicum. It focuses on helping adults and children, ages 12 and older, manage their time and improve their skills in the areas of self-regulation, planning, focusing, and flexible thinking. The course requires approximately six sessions to complete and comes with an interactive workbook.

*"Executive Functions are strong predictors for various life outcomes, such as academic attainment, socioeconomic status, and physical health (e.g., Eigsti et al., 2006; Blair and Razza, 2007; Moffitt et al., 2011).